SA Land Expropriation: Malema Charges Black South Africans To Take Any Land They Like


Not minding court charges against him, the EFF commander -in-chief Julius Malema has once again ordered black SA citizens take up any land that suits them as they look to government to fast-track its law on land expropriation.

The leader who was last year charged with contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956 has on Tuesday, February 28, charged state government to amend the Constitution so as to fast track land expropriation.

Speaking to the parliament on in the mid hours of Tuesday, Malema said the land expropriation without compensation was needful for the sake of black African unity and that this must not be used as a politicking tactics.

“This is a motion that seeks to unite black people in the country. If leadership was united this wouldn’t be a problem” he said, adding that if 75 percent of South African lands remain in the hands of the whites people “We remain a conquered nation because of this.”

“We remain a conquered nation because white monopoly capital still owns the means of production, and at the center of that is the land question. Black people, all of us, we need to unite and amend the Constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation.”

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Malema’s words come at the time South Africans looks up to Zuma to put to action, his plans to legislate for the seizure of farmland by the government without compensation, in a bid to accelerate the redistribution of land from large land owners to the country’s black majority.

Zuma announced this during his 2017 State of the Nation Address (SONA) where he said that government was doing its best in amending laws that would enable faster land reform, including land expropriation without compensation as provided for in the constitution.

Malema welcomes Zuma’s move but challenged the government’s slow pace in achieving this. Sticking to his radical approach to pressing issues like this, Malema charged black South Africans to seize any lands of their choice.

Malema said the struggle was about returning the land to its rightful owners.

“We have taken an oath which is an assertion that we own the land. However, this is not the case,” he declared. “We can’t keep saying South Africa belongs to all yet we have nothing to show”.

He also commented on President Jacob Zuma’s controversial statement about constitutional amendment to expropriate land without compensation and asked the parliament not to further delay the move.

“Our president Zuma said we must expropriate land with no compensation last week. Why are you defying him? You’re defying your president because you only subdue to white rule and will never listen to any view opposing whites.

“South Africa has now seen you for what you are. You are a walking contradiction. You’re now exposed,” Malema said.

Malema’s land grab policy has been largely criticized by concerned South Africans who see it as a move that will further tear the country apart.

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Civil rights group AfriForum had last year, laid the charges against him saying he must realize that his land grab policy will not be executed without opposition.

“AfriForum will fight any land grab policy with everything in our power,” spokesperson Nantes Kelder said