Even SA Kids Think Zuma Is Doing Well And Should Stay


A large number of South Africans say they are fed-up with the Zuma administration, that they could do anything to see that the elephant in the house is thrown out. But the interesting thing is, SA kids still have good feelings about Zuma and would want him to remain in office.

A popular SABC1 TV show, Cutting Edge, on Thursday, had a very interesting episode with SA kids in two primary schools in Johannesburg where the anchor visited Grade 3 learners to investigate how well they are informed about politics in South Africa.

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There, a number of questions were asked including how they feel about some of the well known politicians in the country, especially President Jacob Zuma and EFF commander, Julius Malema.

When asked about what they knew about Malema, the kid’s answers show they don’t seem to like him. In fact, one of the kids said Malema was always fighting and rude and that he always fought for votes in parliament with Zuma.

The SA Kids knew Zuma is the president of South Africa and some chorused they liked him because he was always giving them “thousands and thousands” of child grants.

The kids however talked more about Nelson Mandela with some of them believing he is still SA president. They knew he went to prison for 27 years and died at the age of 96 (instead of 95).

On the other hand, the SA kids who went to a private school in the suburbs seemed to know a bit more about politics in the country as some of the kids made remarkable statements about the President Jacob Zuma and his controversial Nkandla home. 

According to The Citizen, a white kid described Nkandla as the biggest house in the country and that it belonged to the president. He also said it was wrong for the president to own a big house because he could not afford it and he used the taxpayers’ money to build it.

The show noted that what children know about South African politics depends greatly on the role their parents play in their education. It also concluded that the educational background of parents played a role in how much their children knew about the world.

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Parents were therefore encouraged to be involved in their children’s extramural activities, and to take them to educational places such as zoos and libraries as this would help them gain better understanding of issues around them and the world at large.

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