Without Land, EFF Says What You’re Celebrating Today Is A Fast Approaching Time Bomb


Without the land, EFF says what South Africa is celebrating today is a fast approaching time bomb.

“The only day this democracy will be sustainable and of quality is if it delivers land to the landlessness (SIC). Without the land our democracy traps the whole society into a fast approaching time bomb,” states the EFF

The party argues that South Africa’s democracy, “even in its greatest days, was always empty of economic benefit,” but protects the wealthy and the privileged.

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The poor, who are black in their majority, remain in desperate poverty and dire living conditions because our democracy fails to translate into economic freedom.”

Instead of ‘celebrating the fast approaching time bomb’, EFF begs South Africans to make better use of the Freedom Day and “reject the ANC which is not only beginning to erode people’s rights to life by killing them, but also protecting the violation of the constitution and the rule of law.”

The party also, highlights that South Africans should reject the ANC in all municipalities during the elections on 03 August, 2016 for all its corruption and the strife it has subjected people to.” And, “because it is…incapable of restoring land and guaranteeing economic freedom.”

EFF explains that their call for South Africans to reject the ANC is because political freedom is incomplete and unsustainable without economic freedom. Economic Freedom is also impossible in an economy that is left to the market to solve unemployment and poverty, the party adds.

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With that, EFF declares that it is “irresponsible of a black government to rely on markets led by white racists to resolve the economic problems of black people.”

Thereafter, the party iterated that “any democracy built on landlessness is doomed to fail, because without land majority of our people cannot legitimately claim this country as their own.”