SA Is Being Crippled By The Only President Tried For Rape – EFF


SA is being crippled by the only president in history tried for rape, EFF asserts and called on South Africans to make preparations for the November 2nd march irrespective of Abrahams’ withdrawal of his charges against Minister Pravin Gordhan.

To the Fighters, the planned march is in no way affected by Shaun Abrahams spurious decision to withdraw the charges against Gordhan.

Rather, it’s centred around three burning issues which includes:

  1. The demand for the #FeesMustFall movement to be taken with a sense of urgency and for the student’s demands to be met
  2. The demand for Shaun Abrahams to resign as the National Director of Public Prosecutions for bringing the NPA into disrepute
  3. The demand for the State figurehead Jacob Zuma to resign after he failed to uphold his oath of office and adversely affecting the country economically through bad and criminal choices he has made under the control of the compromised Gupta Family.

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Speaking on the later, EFF wailed that the country is crippled by a corrupt State President who has compromised both his office and the country at large.

“Gedlehlekisa Zuma has compromised his oath of office by flouting the constitution. He is involved in state capture shenanigans and has sold the country to foreigners who’s only interest is to pillage the country’s coffers. He is also implicated in common crime cases such as the Arms Deal case and the Spy Tapes case. He is the only president to have been tried for rape. The office of the Presidency is often in and out court because of this man’s misdemeanors, and has been highly compromised because of him,” stated Maleme party.

EFF indicated that Abrahams’ decision to withdraw the charges against Gordhan further emphasized the need for him to step down.

“How does such an important institution of the law rush to the media to announce charging a Minister of Finance before they study the laws under which such a charge is executed?” EFF asked.

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The party added that the march will also address the #FeesMustFall movement issue. To them, the movement has crippled the education system because of “Government’s lack of understanding of the underlying issues in the struggle.”

With the foregoing, EFF urged South Africans to continue with the planned march so as to decisively deal with the matters highlighted.