‘SA Is At Risk Of A ‘Colour Revolution’ Says Duarte


The deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte warns South Africans about the risk associated with “colour revolution”, with the 2016 local government polls being a litmus test for the ANC.

Duarte, who was addressing the National Union of Mine workers’ (NUM’s) central committee in Pretoria, said the ANC is on the verge of falling into a terrible situation which she likened to that of Brazil and Venezuela, where right-wing coalition governments were seeking to take power amid domestic protest.

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She said this year’s election would be a ‘litmus test’ for the ANC, which has been under pressure despite the party’s new policies that brought gains to them. “Where the ANC has truly delivered we find the worst kind of protests happening.

“A deeper analysis of those protests finds they are less about service delivery and more a fight about resources, positions and power,” she said.

Nothing less than 700 NUM delegates made themselves available at the union’s two-day annual central committee meeting in Pretoria as the union has been under pressure due to increased rivalry in the sectors in which it organizes.

The union has also suffered from the a high rate of unemployment as most of its members were dismissed from the mining companies. It declined to 198,237 members in January, a 36% decrease on the past five years’ numbers.

The union will be required to cut costs to about 40% and 50%, or be faced with the choices of either merging regions or recalling office bearers, tor he unions’ secretariat report to the committee reads.

South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande is expected to address to committee on Friday.

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Meanwhile, the NUM president Piet Matosa  who was addressing the committee called for recruitment drives across sectors, particularly in construction, as well as ’emotional intelligence’ from leaders to ensure members were united on strategy.

“During a cycle of decline in an organisation, strategic leadership is an obligation not a choice,” he said.

It has however been reported by the Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane that more than 45,000 mine workers have been retrenched or are in consultation with companies.