SA Idol Khaya Mthethwa Tweets About Gays And This Happens


Discussing homosexuality in South Africa can get nasty especially when it’s done on social media but SA Idol Khaya Mthethwa decided to do it anyway.

Khaya was only trying to engage his female fans on Twitter with a topic on sexuality. However, he wasn’t ready for what he got in return.

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Overwhelmed by curiosity, the singer took to Twitter to ask his female fans if they would date a straight guy “who was gay”.

In other words, he is under the impression that gay people can at a point, decide to go straight. Accordingly, he is eager to know if women will feel comfortable dating a guy like that.

Though the question seems innocent enough, some of his followers quickly twisted it against him.

Here are some of the feedback he got;

Some fans actually answered his question accordingly, giving reasons why they would or would not date a gay-man-turned-straight.

Also, while some users accused him of discriminating against gay people, some others poked fun at his idea that one can easily turn from being gay to being straight.

Another Twitter user blatantly told Khaya where to get the answers to his questions;

Notably, SA Idol Khaya Mthethwa was romantically linked to actress and TV personality Nomzamo Mbatha. Again, he was reportedly about to pay lobola for his partner, TV personality Jessica Nkosi, last year before the two called it quits.

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo made headlines in January after visibly walking away from a sermon at Grace Bible Church targeting gay people and subsequently ranting about it on Twitter. Somizi expressed his disappointment after a guest pastor shamed gay people during his sermon.

Thus, in a series of videos, the Idols judge shared how he walked out of the church service when a Ghanaian bishop Dag Heward-Mills slammed homosexuality. He made it clear that he’s gay and proud.

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“I’m not going to sit there and listen to people offend me, this is who I am! I am a gay man! Get it straight into your skull, my soul is alright with my God. Let me deal with my God, with my soul.” said Somizi in the video.