SA Human Rights Day: Frustrated South Africans Must Rise Up To Say Enough!


As South Africans celebrate the human rights day, leader of the Democratic Alliance, (DA) has seized the moment to alert weary South Africans to rise up in the fight for change.

Speaking ahead of the human rights day celebration, the DA leader told party supporters to join in the fight for a better SA future that has been undermined by gross corruption and political manipulations.

The party leader accused the ruling party of prioritizing their political ambitions at the expense of citizens who voted them in.

According to him, the ANC stopped caring about the people of South Africa a long time ago because for them, political power is only about personal enrichment. “Every thing they do, every decision they make, is all about staying connected to the web of corruption.”

The leader also pointed at most controversial issues affecting the country such as the SASSA saga which would likely affect the payment of the year’s social grant to over 17 million vulnerable citizens.

“A caring government would never let more than 100 mental health patients die in the most horrific circumstances, the way this ANC government has done.

“A caring government would never be satisfied with the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, or one of the worst education systems in the world. A caring government would not have spent a quarter of a billion Rand on one man’s palace,” Maimane said at the Ward 32, Msunduzi, KwaZulu Natal

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This ANC government thinks that these things are normal. To them, none of this is a crisis. Life is good when you’re on the inside – when you’re an ANC cadre with access to tenders and kickbacks, the leader said, adding that he has traveled round the country speaking to communities about the change “we need to bring to South Africa”

Unemployment has caused so much damage to the lives of young South Africans. Maimane said it has rubbed citizens of their dreams and their future- especially those without degrees or diplomas it’s even worse as many of them turn to drugs, along with all the crime that supports this lifestyle.

“They are made to believe that there is nothing out there for them – that they will always have to struggle to survive. That they will have to write off their dreams. They have had to leave a broken education system and must now enter a job market where most of them will not find work.

“These young people don’t know how they will ever become financially independent. They don’t know how to start building a life they can value – how to one day support families of their own.

The leader praised his party for taking the first bold step in changing things around them which they don’t like. He said together with coalition partners in three new DA-run metros, the party has been able to terminate signs of ANC government.

“We can change this country without them and we can do so here in Pietermaritzburg too,” he said.

“Change is coming, and they won’t stop it,” he added.

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Though little is known about what sparked the tragic shooting of 69 citizens in 21 March 1960, South Africans are reminded to celebrate the Human rights day as marking their freedom day because the event gave birth to a number of constitutional rights we enjoy today.

Today, the South African constitution protects individual rights, like the right to move freely without a passbook, with its inclusion of the Bill of Rights (only a super majority of Parliament can influence any changes to the bill), and citizens are entitled to basic human dignity and more in the country’s current democracy.

South African Human Rights Commission’s Gail Smith has also come to remind citizens to remain aware of their rights and exercise it appropriately.