SA Household Income: How Much Whites Earn More Than Everyone – Stats SA


The latest Living Conditions Survey in South Africa as released by Stats SA shows that SA Household income is proportioned in favor of white South Africans.

Results of the 2014/2015 survey indicated that on average, South African households had an income of R138 168 in 2015.

It was revealed that white-headed households had an income roughly 4.5 times larger than black African-headed households and 3 times larger than the average national income.

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On average, they earned the highest income at R444 446 per annum. After them comes the Indian/Asian-headed households with R271 621.

While households headed by coloureds earned on average R172 765, black African-headed households earned the least at R92 983.

Coloured-headed households had an income almost twice of that of black African-headed households and 20% more than the national household income average.

Ultimately, black African-headed households earned on average a third of what Indian/Asian-headed households earned in 2015.

Findings of the study also exposed that white-headed households receive two-thirds of their income from work and 22.8% from imputed rent and capital.

The table below as presented by Stats SA captures the average annual household income by population group of the household head.

Stats SA

Again, almost one in every ten (12.39%) black African-headed households in South Africa were found to be in the upper income per capita quintile.

The implication of the above is that an overwhelming majority (87.61%) of black African-headed households were earning less than R71 479 per annum. Roughly, that’s R5 957 per month or R199 per day)

Also, about half (46.79%) of black African-headed households were in the bottom two income quintiles.

Only 9.63% coloured-headed households fell in the lower quintile and, 20.90% of them fell in the upper income per capita quintile.

Similarly, only 1.11% of white-headed households were in the lower quintile, as were 1.99% of Indian/Asian-headed households.

Thus, vast majority (74.87%) of white-headed households and more than four in every ten (43.92%) of Indian/Asian-headed households were found in the upper quintile.

The income per capita quintiles as identified, have the following values:

  1. Upper quintile: R71 479 and above
  2. 4th quintile: R28 092 – R71 478
  3. 3rd quintile: R13 819 – R28 091
  4. 2nd quintile: R6 486 – R13 818
  5. Lower quintile: Up to R6 485

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Meanwhile, male-headed households had an average income of R165 853 per annum compared to R98 911 for female-headed households.

The survey results exposed that in 2015, men earned almost twice of what women earned from work.

It was also revealed that 72.6% of South African households obtain their income from work. The average income earned by working for all households is R100 246 per annum.