These 3 Are The Most Remarkable Winners Of South Africa’s Got Talent

South Africa’s Got Talent is a type of talent search where performances from various spheres of arts come together to compete for votes from the audience. The performance can be from any field that includes singing, comedy, dancing and many more arts. The SA’s Got Talent series started way back on October 1st, 2009 and the winner of the entire competition takes home a whopping R250,000.

The auditions for the main competition holds in various cities of South Africa in front of judges and a live audience. The judges have the liberty to press a buzzer that gives a red light when they feel the performance is not up to the standard. If all the judges press the buzzer it will mean that the performance is not up to the standard and the performance will be dismissed. The performance gets a nod to continue if it gets at least two yesses from the judges. From the auditions, 200 performances are selected and through a rigorous process, they are reduced to 21 groups.

The 21 performances then proceed to the semifinals where they perform in various semifinals. Every two groups from the semifinals are given a chance to get to the finals where they are given a chance to perform, and then the phone lines are opened for people to vote. The team with the highest votes makes it to the final place. The judges will then be given the chance to select the second and the third place winners. The people who have been fortunate enough to win this thorough competition displayed talents in their chosen field like we’ve never seen and of all of them there are some who wowed us more than others.

SA’s Got Talent Winners – The Ones We’ll Never Forget

Darren Rajbal

He was born on the 14th of July 1990 and started to showcase his talent starting from the early age. He used to dance to music while still in the house, even though his mother never took this as a serious talent. Despite having a hearing problem; he used to have perfect rhythms that have propelled him to stardom. The first time he was in a performance was in 2006 where he won the Mr. Bollywood award. This led to his mother encouraging him to pursue his dream. Despite his disability, he is just a perfectionist. He took South Africa by storm when he won the award.

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He bagged the award after beating the beatboxer, George Avakian who was the runner-up and Cleo Filander who got the third position. After winning the talent show, Darren had planned to start a school for the deaf.

SA's Got Talent
Darren Rajbal – SA’s Got Talent

James Bhemgee

Bhemgee is a singer as well as the winner of the second season of the SA Got talent competition. He came first after going through a tough competition from the second run up Drum Corps. The 45-year-old Bhemgee who hails from the Mitchells plain in South Africa says he discovered his singing talent when he was working as a street sweeper. He made a surprise appearance at the audition after he had spent most of his years in the US. He was able to go through the tough stages and kept on winning until he reached the finals. He won the hearts of most voters who overwhelmingly voted for him making him the winner of the awards.

SA's Got Talent
James Bhemgee – SA’s Got Talent

Botlhale Boikanyo

The 2012 SA Got talent season was won by an 11-year-old poet – Botlhale. The young talented poet did not only raise the bar for the poets, but she also raised the status of the Northwest province to be the home of fresh and spicy talent. Her performance on a stage that was surrounded by millions of audience displayed self-confidence, inspirational passion for poetry and a talent that is for bigger stages and greater heights. The young poet says that her main ambition is to change the world through spoken words. Her performance in the semifinals called for a standing ovation from the audience and the judges with one of them, Judge Shado Twala overwhelmed by emotions.

SA's Got Talent
Botlhale Boikanyo – SA’s Got Talent

Indeed these are individuals who are making it great in the art industry. The SA’s Got Talent award’s main aim is to bring out fresh talent and ensure that they get into the limelight and this is what was seen in the 2012 competition with the award being won by the inspirational 11-year-old Botlhale. The series is still ongoing this season and more fresh talents are expected to emerge this time. The above are the 3 Most Remarkable SA Got Talent Winners every South African should know. Their contribution to the music industry cannot be underestimated.

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