SA Gospel Singers Warring Instead Of Singing


SA gospel singers Deborah Fraser and Khaya Mthethwa are currently in war over relevance in the music industry.

Their rather unholy war follows Khaya’s remark at the launch of his latest The Dawn on Monday.

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“Young people are not listening to the likes of Deborah Fraser and all those traditional gospel artists because we don’t relate. We might appreciate it, but there’s no connection between us and them.”

He was bringing a new sound and vibe to gospel as a younger musician which made him feel older SA gospel singers have lost their relevance.

This did not go down well with Deborah who on Wednesday lashed out at Khaya.

“What Khaya said was wrong. You do not say that as an artist. People still buy our music,” she said.

“It’s both hurtful and misleading for certain individuals to accuse traditional gospel artists of being irrelevant to the younger generation. We have worked tirelessly for a number of years to spread the message of peace, harmony and love for the sole purpose of unity,” she added.

To prove she is still relevant in the industry; Deborah added that she has been inundated with calls from young fans. They assured her of their ‘unshakable’ support.

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She added that as a parent she will continue to appreciate and work with youths so as to encourage them in their struggle.

The young singer Khaya is yet to respond to this reaction to his previous remark.

Meanwhile, The gospel star says has faced a lot of criticism for his latest release titled The Dawn. While some say he has abandoned his Christian faith; some others say he is the Antichrist.