Patriotic Or Irrational? Guess What Education MEC Proposes As School Uniforms


Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi took to Twitter and shared the latest idea that he would like to see the SA flag on all school uniforms in South Africa.

“My wish is to ensure that from 2017 all school uniforms must have our SA Flag just like national sporting teams,” Lesufi told his more than 22,000 followers on Twitter, stirring parents into a new debate.

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Though Lesufi did not specify the way the SA flag will be instilled on the uniforms, whether it will be stitched onto a lapel‚ worn as a badge pin or if it should be a more elaborate design‚ parents quickly lambasted the idea and the possible extra cash it will cost them.

SA Flag

“Seriously? Will that be free? Because it costs us parents a whole lot of money!‚” Bernice Le Roux ‏@bernice__leroux exclaimed.

James Brodie ‏@Gyrator gave the MEC a piece of advice: “Focus on educating the children please.”

Another piece of advice coming from Lesley Blake ‏@JoburgBlake suggests: “@Lesufi INSTEAD: Make sure each school has enough teachers. Make sure each Principal is at his post because YOU chose him‚ not SADTU.”

This comment follows the fact that the country is presently waiting to see a report commissioned by the Education Department into the alleged buying and selling of teacher posts‚ implicating members of the South African Democratic Teachers Union.

However, Lesufi’s idea also attracted supportive comments too as Bus.Reg.Cipc.Beecert ‏@OhNganeYami tweeted: “Visionary Mr Lesufi‚ very proud to be a South African right now”.

Radovan Dimitri ‏@FidellCastro backed him up saying‚ “Bra @Lesufi can make other Education MECs non-existent in as far as innovation is concerned. Thumbs up”.

Kwena Sekoaila ‏@Skoax was not sure whether to support that notion or not: “That is going to be a tough one… I am against school uniforms”.

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This patriotic proposal by the education MEC  follows the Department of Arts and Culture’s Flag embedded in every School Campaign since 2014.

This national campaign involves hoisting the national flag‚ learning the correct way of singing the national anthem‚ reciting the preamble of the South African Constitution and learning about our national symbols.