We Want SA Economy To Collapse So That We’ll Control It When It Rises – ANCYL Leader


SA economy must be allowed to collapse. When it does, black South Africans should wait for its rise and grab the control of the nation’s economy.

The sentiment above was expressed by the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) President, Collen Maine while he was addressing the league’s economic freedom lecture gathering at Durban’s Olive Convention Centre.

According to the Maine, those lamenting about the collapse of South Africa’s economy are the ones that have something tangible to lose if the economy does actually collapse.

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The ANCYL leader argued that the fuss about South Africa’s credit rating being downgraded to junk status isn’t sensible.

He said:

“Can’t we take some action that is anti the market in South Africa and see if people will leave the country.

I can tell you now that they will not leave South Africa. I want actions to be taken so that the rand must fall. It must fall. We won’t be dictated to by white monopoly capital.”

We are threatened with junk status, as far as I am concerned we are at junk status already.

We want the rand to fall, we need those economic turntables. The rand will fall but when it rises, we will be in charge of the economy of South Africa.

This rand thing comrades, it is very problematic. During the local government elections, when it was said that the ANC was not doing well, the rand gained strength, but when the ANC wins somewhere else, the rand depreciates.”

With the above, Maine condemned the ANC for being more afraid of the market and the rating agencies. Thus, he proffered that “the ANC must get younger” in order to stop being afraid.

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Afterwards, he proclaimed that the ANCYL will lead a revolution on “who must lead the ANC”.

“…Because…we have seen people in the ANC, I won’t mention names, who have declared that they are standing to be elected as the next president even though the time has not come to talk about it,” he said.

In the meantime, he charged that President Zuma must be allowed to rule South Africa.