SA Is Massively Divided Between The Rich And Poor: These Drone Photos Tells You How


Despite how well government tries to prove that there are no major differences between the affluent and the poor in the country, the fact still remains that there is and has been a wide difference most of which are simply glaring. 

Drone photos taken by Johnny Miller of Unequal Scenes showing a clear divide between wealthy and poor areas in South Africa proves this fact. 

South Africa has been notably classified by analysts, as a place where the rich get richer and the poor poorer. A place where government policies have created an “Irish Coffee” society – black at the bottom, white on top, with a sprinkling of black chocolate on the cream, a society worse off than under Apartheid. 

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The photographer Johnny Miller said discrepancies in how people live are sometimes hard to see from the ground. The beauty of being able to fly is to see things from a new perspective – to see things as they really are.

“Looking straight down from a height of several hundred meters, incredible scenes of inequality emerge. Some communities have been expressly designed with separation in mind, and some have grown more or less organically,” he said as he explained his aim in taking on this project to center around showing  South Africa as objectively as possible, highlighting the segregation of urban spaces that was instituted as policy during apartheid.

“Roads, rivers, ‘buffer zones’ of empty land, and other barriers were constructed and modified to keep people separate. 22 years after the end of apartheid, many of these barriers, and the inequalities they have engendered, still exist,” Miller said.

“Oftentimes, communities of extreme wealth and privilege will exist just meters from squalid conditions and shack dwellings.”

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Miller, originally hails from the US but moved to Cape Town in 2011 on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, studying anthropology.

He said during his studies was fascinated by the method of city planning used during apartheid, which involved creating buffer zones to keep racial groups separate.

Take a look at these Drone photos and determine the Rich-Poor Gap in your locality

miller 2

miller 3

Miller 4

miller photo 1

miller 5

More photos of Miller’s project can be found on his site, Unequal Scenes.