SA Child Murder: 5 Year Old Minentle Found Dead, Eyes Gouged Out


Just while SA court is dealing with Courtney Pieters among numerous other murder cases, the body of a five-year-old Minentle Lekhakha was discovered in a horrifying state.

The little girl’s lifeless body was found discovered on Sunday by Strand residents who has been out in search of her. Miss Minentle would be the fourth child found murdered in four weeks.

Strand residents were left in shock as they found out that the deceased was dumped on the field with her eyes reportedly gouged out.

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She would be the second body found in a week with the eyes gouged out after the body of 33-ear-old Unathi Madotyeni was found in Zone 26, Langa, after she was last seen out with friends.

The young lady was reportedly found with her eyes gouged out and her family feared that her murderer had raped her before killing her.

On Sunday night police officers were at the scene under a bridge in Broadway Soek Street, Nomzamo, conducting forensic investigations a day after the deceased grandmother Thelma Bomela reported about her missing granddaughter.

“She went missing on Saturday at around 2pm. When I come back from work she normally waited for me because she knew I would bring something for her from work.”

‘‘So I arrived from work and waited for her to come to me like she normally does, but she did not. I asked other children, but no one knew where she was.”

“That is when I started searching for her. After going to all the places she normally plays with friends I could not find her, so I went to the police station to report her missing,” she said.

When the family received the gruesome report of the death of Miss Minentle Lekhakha, her grandmother was disheartened.

“It is painful for all of us. We did not expect this to happen. This is a child who was raised right in front of me. She was a bright child who was excited about things. She liked learning new things and was very playful.” said Minentle’s aunt, Sesethu Bomela

Minentle Lekhakha is a Grade R pupil at ACJ Phakade Primary School in Nomzamo. Her lifeless body was found on the last day of Child Protection Week on Sunday.

Some days earlier, the state police arrested a 56-year-old man in connection with the discovery of what was believed to be human remains of a female among reeds in an open field in TR-Section, Khayelitsha, on Thursday.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said while the Police go in search of the culprit, a post-mortem would be conducted to determine the cause of death.

“Circumstances of the death of this child are under investigation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the SA Commission for Gender Equality sent its heartfelt condolences to Minentle’s family and called for communities to unite against violence against women and children.

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The commission’s spokesperson Javu Baloyi said: “We are hoping that the communities can form street committees to work closely with community policing forums and with the police to report all suspicious behaviour by people around children, because someone must have seen something, somewhere.”

“These crimes are committed by people who think they can do things with impunity in our society. The criminal justice system is not effective. Police crime intelligence is not as strong as it used to be.” He added as he called for the reintroduction of specialised units in the police as a matter of urgency.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stop anonymously on 086001011 or SMS Crime Line at 32211.