SA CEO Resigns Over Facebook Racist Rant, Admits He’s an Idiot


Reports have it that a Middelburg businessman pronounced himself a super stupid idiot after he was forced to step down as the CEO of his company because of his Facebook racist rant.

The businessman identified as Pieter Hattingh was the CEO of Hattech, until he criticized in a derogatory manner, a farm attack incident posted on Facebook. 

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Hattingh reportedly commented: “Voken Kaffers!!!” on the Facebook post.

Reporting this, News24 related that Hattingh expressed he’s sorry about his comment and maintained he’s not a racist.

He was quoted to have said:

“It was a stupid (thing for) me to say and I was wrong and I am very remorseful.

I was an idiot. I feel super stupid about this. I resigned this morning and my life is gone. I am not a racist.

There was a farm… [attack] where two old people were badly injured and I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Hattingh’s brother, Louis Hattingh who’s also a listed director of Hattech, affirmed that the business has distanced itself from the racial ideologies of the former CEO.

“From a business perspective,” Louis said, “we do not condone those comments. We have requested that he resign as CEO and he did so this morning.”

Not long past, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) charged that they can’t tolerate further racist incidents in the country.

Thus, they demanded for a minimum jail sentence of 10 years to crush what it described as the “resurgence of racial arrogance.”

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The league’s quest follows another Facebook racist rant by Ben Sasonof.

Ben Sasonof engendered outrage among Facebook users when likened a picture of a packed Durban beachfront to President Zuma’s a**hole.

To the Youth League, the increase of racist incidents like