SA Cabinet Reshuffle: Revoke Guptas Citizenship, Leave Gordhan Alone – SACP


The South African Communist Party (SACP) has reiterated it’s call for the citizenship of South Africa’s most influential family, the Guptas to be officially revoked.

Briefing the media on Thursday Morning, the communist party asked the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to revoke the citizenship rights of Zuma’s close allies, the Guptas as part of the ways to put a lasting stop to their influence in government.

The SACP also accused the Guptas of achieving what apartheid failed to achieve in a very long time- Divide the ANC.

Eviction of the Gupta family has for long been on the lips of millions of South Africans as they are largely viewed as the main seat of corruption where all the problems of the country emanate.

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Not only have the family been accused of playing a major role in state capture, they are also alleged to influence the affairs of the country through their relationship with President of the ruling ANC and leader of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.

The question of revoking the Guptas citizenship comes at the time SA is heated over rumours of Zuma’s plan to have the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan removed during his cabinet reshuffling.

Believing that the controversial Gupta Family might be influencing reshuffling, the SACP also said it told the president that it would not support the move.

The SACP confirmed that President Jacob Zuma had, during a meeting he held on Monday,  – the day he recalled Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas from an investor roadshow in London- told them of his plan to replace the finance minister and his deputy.

The party, which has increasingly grown frustrated with the ruling party under Zuma’s leadership, also opposed the president’s intention to appoint former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe as Gordhan’s replacement.

“If the president wants to act, he must not use us. We hold comrade Pravin and comrade Mcebisi in high regard,” Mapaila was quoted as saying by the paper.

The party’s secretary, Solly Mapaila added to it by saying: “I believe comrade Pravin and Mcebisi Jonas are good comrades of the movement. I don’t believe these comrades can sell [out] the country. That is my view.”

Earlier this month, the SA Communist Party gave its alliance partner, ANC, an ultimatum during a meeting with its top six leaders.

In the ultimatum, the party asked the ANC to revoke the citizenship of the Zuma’s associates, the Guptas, recall Molefe from parliament and fire Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini over her handling of the social grants crisis.

To these requests, the ANC top six promised to address them, but are yet to come up with a reply.

However, the SACP lamented how President Jacob Zuma has betrayed them as they expected he would “do things differently” after they supported his election in 2007.

“We wanted a leadership that would unify the movement, but it got worse,” the party said as it asked Zuma to distance himself from the Guptas or resign.

“The SACP is gravely concerned by the growing abuse of state security organs and their meddling in daily political life of the country. We are aware of a rogue intelligence unit that in our view gathers data illegally, produces false reports and leads them into the political and public domain to smear comrades.

We have laid a complaint with the Inspector General and the Minister of Intelligence who thus far have treated our complaint flippantly.

In this regard we have noted a rising apartheid era style intimidation and harassment of activists, SACP members and other ANC member,” says the SACP.

The party also mentioned what it called ‘suspicious events’ that have been taking place with the latest being a reported harassment of Cde Makhosi Khoza.

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It says it appeared that those with other motives than that detailed in revolutionary won’t stop at anything.

We have a responsibility not to allow ourselves to be run by gangsters nor degenerate into a gangster state wherein our public office bearers and officials cannot discharge their responsibilities without fear or favour, the party said.