SA Betrayed By ANC’s Vote Against Zuma’s Impeachment


The South African public has risen in criticism against the ruling African National congress for voting against the motion for Zuma’s impeachment. To most citizens across the country, the ruling ANC has betrayed not just those who believe in the dreams of the party, but the entire nation.

Having voted down the motion for Zuma’s impeachment on Tuesday South Africans reacted by relating their disappointment in the ruling party for not granting them their wish.

There are growing expectations that Zuma’s stay in office will be short-lived. With much pressure from opposition parties and most private individuals across the country, church leaders, Mandela era veterans, the media and online petitioners, Zuma like former President Thabo Mbeki who was forced out prematurely in 2008, will not last until the end of his second term in 2019.

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“Jacob Zuma is the cancer at the heart of South African politics. He is not capable of honourable conduct, and cannot continue to be president of our country,” the leading opposition party, DA said before the impeachment debate.

A lot more  concerned citizens in the country have also risen to push for the motion that Zuma gets out. JG ‘Pikkie’ Greeff, the national secretary of South Africa’s national defence union said:

“The president can no longer be considered a fit and proper person to remain the commander-in-chief of the South African national defence force, nor can any of the parliamentary members who so stubbornly protected him be considered fit and proper persons to hold office as members of parliament.”

However, though the likes of Magnus Heystek view think the fight for Zuma’s impeachment might take long to achieve, Heystek opined that Zuma has to be ousted to end the economic and political crisis that is ravaging the country.

In addition to this, the EFF who were in support of the impeachment motion were enraged at the outcome of the debate. The party’s leader Julius Malema was heard angrily saying “You have voted against the people of South Africa… You are traitors all,” as he led his party out of the National Assembly after the vote.

Earlier before the their movement out of the NA, Malema called on the Deputy President Mr Ramaphosa, Minister Pravin, Minister Jonas, who he referred to as “darlings of anti-corruption” not to disappoint the public by voting for corruption against against the constitution.

“We need another Ben Turok to vote against the mob,” he  said, referring to the former MP’s stance against the Protection of State Information Bill…Stop thinking for your stomach, vote with your brains.” he added.

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The widespread sense of disappointment and disillusionment over the ANC’s perceived failure to significantly correct the economic injustices of the apartheid era is the biggest challenge facing those in the party’s top echelons currently clinging to Zuma’s sinking ship.

A politics professor at the University of South Africa, told Bloomberg News that the ANC has been swayed within by veterans which is an indictment against the current leadership, which says despite any logical argument ‘we are going ahead defending our leader.

On the same hand, Max Sisulu, son of the ANC legend Walter Sisulu and a former national assembly speaker, said parliament’s failure to hold Zuma to account was painful and lessons should be learned.

To cap it all, Malema lashed the ANC saying the party has angered the public through their action of supporting a “corrupt” government and voting against Zuma’s impeachment

The people of the country don’t like being taken for fools…Today, it will be recorded that ANC members of Parliament chose to defend a crooked, broken president instead of the Constitution and the rule of law.

“Saying no to this motion would not only be morally and ethically unconscionable but would also be a violation of your sacrosanct oath of office…,” said Singh.

“We pay too much. We paid with the best years of our lives in the prisons… we will not allow a mob of men and women who have no regard for the Constitution to play games with the future of our children and grandchildren.”

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