SA Athlete Caster Semenya Snubs Haters As She Claims Victory In 800m Heats


Hands Off Caster! She’s bringing in the best medals. SA athlete Caster Semenya has won her first heat of the 800 metres at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Wednesday.

Thus, she has undoubtedly qualified for the semi-finals. Indomitable Semenya won the heat with a time of 1:59.31, almost smashing a world record.

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Currently, the world record for the heat is 1:53:28, while the Olympic record standing at 1:53:43.

With Canadian, Melissa Bishop clocking 1.58.38 to take the fastest position in the qualifiers, Semenya was the 6th fastest runner in the heats.

All eyes have focused on  Semenya as the world No1 this year, to add another gold to South Africa’s collections. The country already has seven medals including – one gold, five silver and a bronze.

The semi-finals will hold on Thursday. The athletes will have Friday off ahead of Saturday’s final.

Aside Rio time, South Africans can watch the semi-finals on Friday morning and the finals on Sunday morning; 2.15am.

Meanwhile, a controversial debate on the gender of SA athlete Caster Semenya erupted on the social media. Foreign media questioned her ‘fitness’ to compete with other women in today’s much awaited Rio 800m.

Ahead of today’s big race, a foreign media – Sports Illustrated; sparked a huge debate titled ‘Is it fair for Caster Semenya to compete against women in Rio’.

In addition, the New Yorker; another foreign media followed suit with a debate titled: ‘Caster Semenya and the Logic behind Olympic Competition’.

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Speaking via a statement, the ANC Women’s League described the baseless debate on Caster as “an attack to humiliate and demoralize her since she is expected to win a gold medal during the 2016 Olympic Games.”

The ANCWL further argued that the widespread speculations and debates are uncalled for since Caster was born that way.