SA Ambassador Warns The West To Stop Plotting To Oust Mugabe


Outgoing South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Vusi Mavimbela has called on the Western Countries to stop pursuing regime change in Zimbabwe but work with Mugabe’s government.

The ambassador demanded western countries to engage Mugabe and find a common ground on political and economic issues. To Mavimbela, plotting to oust Mugabe wouldn’t help but fire-up further chaos.

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Mavimbela’s sentiments re-echoes the recent allegations made by South Africa’s former President Thabo Mbeki who disclosed that Britain and the United States considered a military invasion of Zimbabwe because they wanted a regime change in the country.

Speaking, he tasked the western countries not to disengage Zimbabwe. “Come and engage politically, don’t disengage,” he said. “Our position throughout has been that it doesn’t help anybody to disengage from Zimbabwe.

Even when I interact with ambassadors from the European and Western countries here, the point I have always made is that you have to encourage your countries to engage not to disengage.

Don’t move away from Zimbabwe, come and engage, come and invest that is how we are going to be able to influence the situation in a positive way.

If you try to isolate Zimbabwe because you have got one problem or the other, it doesn’t help. These problems these days are solved by actually engaging – and that has been our position all along.

So when they come and ask us what is your view and your advice, and they ask us for advice most of the time because we are neighbors and fraternal countries and we have a history, I have always underlined – engage with Zimbabwe.”

Reporting this, The Herald related that the US and Britain sought to have the United Nations Security Council intervene in Zimbabwe but got their plans thwarted by Russia, China and South Africa.

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