Human Ashes Are The New Nyaope: SA Addicts Prey On The Dead To Get High


Apparently, it’s goodbye to sharing blood to get high and hello to smoking human ashes as some SA addicts have resorted to preying on the dead to keep them going.

A disturbing report has revealed that a slew of South African Drug addicts have allegedly discovered a new way of getting high and are suspected of stealing ashes of cremated human bodies from a cemetery. Subsequently, they smoke the ashes to get them high.

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Sowetan confirmed this from an employee at Mooifontein Cemetery in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni on the condition of anonymity. He revealed that so far, more than 50 memorials were vandalised by nyaope users to steal the ashes.

He also confirmed that they smoke the ashes in the bid to get high.

They allegedly sneak in through holes in the fence to commit this bizarre act. Besides, the security at the cemetery doesn’t really stop people from entering the premises because they won’t suspect a thing. Both people and cars are allowed to pass the gate freely.

Empty wooden boxes which once had human ashes in them and broken glass vases were blazing arrows pointing to the fact that some compartments have been vandalised.

While memorial stones bearing the names of the deceased, were all that’s left of some compartments, some others were still intact.

Furthermore, some nyaope addicts were interviewed by Sowetan at the Leralla train station in Tembisa. They said some people actually lace the drug with ashes stolen from cemeteries. Perhaps this is a new short to getting high faster.

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Though they acknowledged that they have heard about it, none of the addicts admitted to doing it.

“They smoke it in the other areas but we have not seen anyone smoke it here,” one addict said.

Nevertheless, one addict who claims he never heard of such thing said it scares the wits out of him.

Seriously, it really sounds creepy even for SA addicts who have done crazy things to stay high.