SA 2019 Election: Matthews Phosa Says ANC Will “Pay A Painful Price At The Polls”


Former ANC treasurer and Mpumalanga premier, Matthews Phosa has predicted that the ANC will be paying a painful price at SA 2019 elections.

Again, Phosa called on Jacob Zuma to step down as the leader of ANC and South Africa.

According to him, Mr Zuma would be judged by history as the person who destroyed the ANC if he fails to step down immediately.

The ANC veteran expressed that he wouldn’t be part of the intellectual funeral of the ANC.

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“…I refuse to be associated with so-called leaders who trample on the people who voted them into office, who disrespect the constitution, whose only predictable response to all challenges is “racism” and who are willing to sacrifice the future of our children before the throne of a man who knows no shame and shows no character,” he said.

Phosa declared that the ANC is now, only existing in name. To him, the party is no longer a platform serving the people but where individuals pursue their own corrupt interests.

He said:

“I refuse, as a disciplined cadre of this movement, to have my coffin buried in the same graveyard as such leaders who have made the choice to place their own corrupt interests above that of those that we swore, yes swore, to serve.

“It is enough, I say, enough. The party that we all revered, loved, served, and some died for only exists in name today. Certainly we are not servants of the people, and certainly not the servants of all who live in South Africa.”

Phosa asserted that the ANC will have to perform a miracle to get anywhere near 50 percent of the vote in SA 2019 elections.

With that, he urged President Zuma to step down saying: “we have a president when we plead with him to go, stays. My plea remains: Please, for once, serve your people, and go.

“Go now. If you don’t, history will judge you to be the chief architect of the destruction of the ANC.

“I remain a member of the ANC. I remain against the continuation of the current leadership of our party. I call, again, for the resignation of the president and I call for the election of a new NEC as soon as possible.

“We cannot postpone the future, and the inevitable, time and again. It shows cowardice and a lack of decisive leadership,” he added.

Referring to the 2017 SONA, Phosa remarked that “the uncomfortable truth is that the DA was right in raising the issue of the 94 dead and showing sympathy with them and their families by our elected leaders.

“Cope was right in calling the president a scoundrel, and the EFF was right in raising the issue of non-parliamentary security staff being present in the Parliamentary precinct.”

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The former treasurer of the ruling party said he had a “Damascus moment” at this year’s opening of Parliament when “Speaker Baleka Mbete callously, coldly and clinically refused to allow Parliament to bow their heads to show that they feel the pain of the families of the 94 who had died because the government looked the other way.”

Phosa admitted that the points of order and personal remarks coming from other parties during SONA were rejected because they were raised by opposition party.

“Since when do we in the ANC have exclusive access to wisdom, the truth and genuine compassion?” He asked.