RTMC Arrests Over 160 Motorists With Fake Licences


Remember how we told you that the Road Traffic Management Corporation was out for people who intentionally disobey traffic rules and feel they can get away with it? Well its been a busy week of arrests for the corporation as they have made good on their threats and have arrested over 160 motorists who have committed one traffic offense or the other especially those who drive around in posh car with fake drivers licences. Oh yes, it certainly not business as usual this Christmas.

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Haven made the arrests, the RTMC said on Saturday, that it has charged over 160 motorists with fraud and corruption for possession of false driving documents and other related crimes like the warned that they would just before the Christmas festivities began.

RMTC spokesperson revealed in a statement that law enforcement authorities have been very careful and watchful in fishing out fraudulent and corrupt acts where it concerns traffic rules. He said they did this in other to motivate the masses to comply with rules and regulations and reduce the number defaulters. This way, even after the festivities, citizens can maintain the act of being obedient to also help minimize the number of fatal accidents that now happen too often.

He said;

“A taxi driver who allegedly tried to bribe an undercover anti-corruption officer was arrested in Johannesburg this weekend. While a Tshwane metro officer was arrested for soliciting bribes at a roadside law enforcement operation last weekend.”

Zwane went on to urge the general public to help the corporation in rooting out offenders by reporting any incidence of fraud and corruption to 0861 400 800.

He also said more than 805 000 vehicles have been stopped in various roadblocks throughout the country since December 1.

“More 1660 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, 276 for overloading goods, 199 for overloading passengers and 117 for driving at excessive speeds.”

Zwane said the highest speed was recorded in the Free State where a Porsche driver was nabbed driving at 224km/h in a 120km/h zone on the N1.