Rosettenville Unrest: Nigerian Nationals Attacked For Operating Drug Dens And Brothels


Congress of the People (COPE) hinted that Nigerian nationals were attacked in the Rosettenville unrest because they’ve been operating drug dens and brothels across the area.

The Rosettenville unrest started building up after residents occupied the streets and forced their way into buildings believed to be drug dens and prostitution abode.

Reports have it that 10 houses were torched and, the police has so far, arrested nine people for the Rosettenville chaos.

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Reacting to the Rosettenville unrest, COPE agitated that the police must take full responsibility of the crisis.

Specifying that they will never support any form of violence, COPE expressed that they understand the frustrations of the Rosettenville  parents and residents.

COPE said:

“These residents are claiming that for years, they complained to the Police about the drug dens and brothels across the area.

Parents are crying and complaining that drugs are freely available to their children and that girls are lured into prostitution at tender ages.

…Girls as young as nine (9) years of age are turned into prostitutes and as parents of the children they have continuously complained to the police about the crisis including pointing out these brothels but nothing was done to assist, police and government continued to turn a blind eye.”

COPE said it’s uncool that the people had to turn to drastic actions like burning houses and other valuable properties before government can respond.

“Suddenly, police fired rubber bullets and grenades when people got fed up and marched against these criminals. The protesting parents and other caring residents were shot at with rubber bullets and hand grenades by the police.

“Police have decided to turn against the law abiding citizens to protect criminals who are busy destroying the future this country and our children.

“Congress of the People wants to tell the police that they must take full responsibility to what happened in Rosettenville over the weekend when residents marched against drugs dens and brothels,” stated the party.

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Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba with Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane are leading a government delegation to ensure peace in the troubled area.

BuzzSouthAfrica learnt from the Gauteng police that they raided the area on Sunday and arrested nine people for possession of drugs and coming into South Africa illegally.

Gauteng police also offered that they will continue monitoring Rosettenville. “The raids were a success and our presence in the area will continue until total calm is restored,” promised Gauteng SAPS spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela.