Rosebank College: 5 Easy Steps To Complete Your Registration

After more than six decades, Rosebank College has continued to deliver quality tertiary education to both South Africans and international students.

The institution which is a brand of the Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) since 2005 is situated in the bustling centre of the country’s cities with campuses scattered in different parts of the country. Rosebank College embraces the same vibrant environment which allows 12,000 students to connect with the heart of the institution.

Notably, the institution’s academic approach is adamantly career-orientated and technology-driven. This helps in equipping graduates for the task ahead.

Each Rosebank College campus provides a range of services such as career coaching sessions, graduate placements; advice on various jobs and employment opportunities in the market.

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Rosebank College Campuses and Address

  • Polokwane: 54 Church/Kerk Street Polokwane
  • Braamfontein: 23 Jorissen Street Braamfontein
  • Pretoria CBD: 239 Pretorius Str, Pretoria CBD
  • Pretoria Sunnyside: Cnr Jorissen & Johnston Streets, Pretoria
  • Durban CBD: 4th Floor, West Towers, 331 Dr Pixley Kaseme, Durban CBD

You can visit any of the aforementioned campuses to register for a chance to study at the prestigious college. While registration can also be completed online, applicants are required to present a few documents for approval.

Rosebank College’s Registration: The Things You Need

  • Certified Statement of Results or National Senior Certificate
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Deposit towards your tuition fees
  • Study visa for international students
  • Parent/guardian/account payer’s certified copy of ID

Quick Steps to register

  • Complete an application form on arrival at one of Rosebank College campuses or visit the school website.
  • Speak to a Student Advisor or wait for one to call you to discuss things like the period required for your studies; fees and payment; campus life and when the semester is expected to start. You are required to pay your application fee. International students pay R3500.00.
  • Complete a registration form. You can either do it online or download the form. Hard copies will be submitted alongside required documents on any of the aforementioned campuses.
  • Pay your deposit.
  • Get in line to get your student card and you are all set to start your studies as a Rosebanker.
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Notably, international students must have a study passport and study visa (in the name of the IIE); SAQA certificate of evaluation for international matric certificate for Diploma & HC or Universities South Africa degree exemption certificate for degree enrollment.

Why Rosebank College?

According to the Rosebank College website, below are ten reasons why you should register with Rosebank College.

1. Affordable study fees
You can study from as little as R699 per month at Rosebank College. While studying has never been more affordable, terms and conditions apply.

2. Qualifications
Qualifications offered at Rosebank College are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered on the NQF by SAQA.

3. Affordable payment terms
Rosebank allows you to choose a payment option that suits your budget.

4. Flexible study options offered
Learners can choose to study full-time, part-time or through distance learning (from home).

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5. Easily accessible campuses
Rosebank campuses are located within inner cities: Durban CBD, Pretoria CBD, Pretoria Sunnyside, Braamfontein and Polokwane.

6. Spoilt for choice
Choose between an IIE Degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate.

7. Graduate Empowerment Programme (GEP)
Rosebank College has helped place over 6300 IIE graduates in employment since the Graduate Empowerment Programme began in 2012. The campus career centres provide a range of services such as coaching sessions, graduate placements and advice on various employment opportunities in the market.

8. Gain credits to access higher level qualifications
If you want to study towards an IIE Degree or IIE Diploma and do not meet the academic entry requirement, Rosebank College offers a number of IIE Higher Certificates that enable you to gain access to higher level qualifications.

9. Top notch lecturers
The college arguably has top-notch lecturers who are “passionate about teaching and unleashing the best from their students.”

10. Enhanced learning experience
Rosebank College Polokwane introduces an enhanced learning experience. Students get face to face classroom and online learning activities, geared towards academic success. Lecturers use technology to enhance and engage students by making classes more interactive using videos, graphics, case studies, scenarios as well as collaborative and reflective activities.

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