Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille Sued For R1m For Insulting A Coloured Man


Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille’s new name for Roscoe Jacobs did not only humiliate him on social media; the name also cost him his position in the ANC proportional representative list.

Jacobs, from Hangberg, Cape Town, and a member of the the #GangsterismMustFall campaign; recalled that the mayor hurled a bag of insults at him on June 7; during an event organized by the Democratic Alliance at Parkwood.

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According to him, de Lille, who attended an event organized for the introduction of DA’s ward Councillor slammed him by reportedly saying: “I don’t know what he is doing, but that tikkop (meth addict), Roscoe Jacobs, is totally confused.”

Roscoe Jacobs Embittered By de Lille’s Tikkop Comment

Jacobs said after the incidence, he was axed from the ANC proportional representative list while many of his friends on social media have continued to raise eyebrows about his fitness to fight crimes in his area.

“If you type my name on Google, her calling me a tikkop (meth addict) is the top three stories that come up,” he wailed.

The aggrieved young man argued that “the mayor would never have called a white man a tikkop, she insulted me this way because I am coloured”.

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For this reason, the community activist said he has decided to sue De Lille for a whopping R1 million in the Equality court; for allegedly dubbing him a tikkop (meth addict) and distorting his reputation. Not only that, Jacobs said he expects an unconditional public apology from the mayor.

Reacting to the claims, De Lille’s spokesperson Zara Nicholson has described Jacobs’ claims as a publicity stunt. The spokesperson, however, added that the community activist has every right to approach the court if he so feels.

Recently, Patricia de Lille spanked President Jacob Zuma for allegedly insulting Western Cape. In response, she called Zuma ‘the devil’.

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