Mr Van Rooyen Must Roast For Languishing In Luxury Whilst SA Burns


South Africa’s official opposition party is set to probe Minister Van Rooyen’s R500,000 hotel bill. The party wants to know why the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs is allowed to languish in luxury, whilst South Africa burns due to the lack of service delivery in ANC-governed districts in local government.

DA said it will “submit written parliamentary questions to the Minister of Public Works, Thulas Nxesi, (and) the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Des van Rooyen, regarding his continued five-month stay at an upmarket five-star boutique hotel in Pretoria to the tune of R500 000 of what is likely taxpayer rands.”

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Kevin Mileham, the Shadow Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs wailed that the government has “expressed its commitment to belt-tightening measures. But, when it comes to execution, they clearly prefer to talk the talk, not walk the walk.”

Mileham further lamented that South Africa is ” currently experiences soaring food prices, electricity hikes and poor service delivery in many areas and increasing unemployment.

The leaders of this country” he said, “are not in touch with the issues of the average South African and therefore unable to lead by example. Instead, they prefer to hide in their publicly-funded lap of luxury, while South Africans are left without,” Mileham added.

He said the DA will continue to hold the Executive accountable for negligent and fruitless spending of state funds that should be used to assist the poor.

Hence, the party demands for answers to the under-listed questions related to Rooyen’s R500,000 hotel bill:

  1. Why Mr Van Rooyen isn’t staying in a ministerial residence;
  2. What refurbishments are allegedly being carried out to Minister Van Rooyen’s ministerial residence;
  3. At what does the current bill for his stay stand;
  4. What perks is Minister van Rooyen taking advantage of; and
  5. When does Minister van Rooyen plan to move out?

The foregoing follows circulating reports about the Minister’s long stay at a five-star boutique hotel in Pretoria. His bills calculated at a a daily tariff of R4000 accumulated to half a million rand.

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The Minister earned a controversial status in South Africa when President Zuma named him the Finance Minister and swiftly replaced him, after a mass out-cry.