SA Minister Gets New Title – ‘Gupta Blessee’


President Zuma’s beloved friend and SA’s shortest-serving minister, Van Rooyen has been baptized with new titles in Parliament.

The out-of-favour Ex minister was bathed with hostile and undignified words by opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters – One of them is “Gupta blessee’ (now SA has added a new word to its dictionary).

The EFF ignobly took turns to swipe at the Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs minister when he participated in a Parliamentary debate on the ongoing crisis in Vuwani, Limpopo.

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The minister was left to gawk at the hostile MPs, who strongly kept him speechless for sometime. And while he stared on, the EFF demanded details of his Dubai trip, saying he won’t be allowed to speak otherwise. But, EFF Ndlozi, satirically suggested that Rooyen shouldn’t even speak at all, because “today is Tuesday”.

“The minister should only be allowed to speak on Saturdays and Sundays, because he is, after all, a weekend special,” he said, making reference to Van Rooyen’s three-day stint as the finance minister.

At this point, Rooyen beckoned for help from house chairperson Thoko Didiza, imploring him to protect him.

After much ado, Rooyen finally delivered his speech, leaving the Parliament with four additional names from the EFF -‘Gupta blessee’, ‘failed project’ ‘weekend special’ and ‘one of biggest problems in South Africa’.

Rooyen seems to be despised by most South Africans, especially the EFF family after his controversial’ appointment and swift removal as South Africa’s finance minister.

However, irrespective of how he had been severally humbled in the political arena, he still remains President Zuma’s buddy.

Delivering a keynote address at the ANC Gauteng provincial general council in Irene, outside Pretoria last week, Zuma said: “In December last year I appointed in the Finance Ministry a well-trained cadre of the ANC, Des van Rooyen, in the financial affairs. He was the best candidate to take over the control of the economy”.

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“Instead, I was castigated worldwide, including by senior members of the organisation. I then realised I had touched the wrong nerve.

“I was told I never consulted before making the appointment. I said to myself, ‘Africa my beginning, Africa my ending’. South Africa is the only country in the world which does not control its own economy.”