Misstep Or Sick: Robert Mugabe’s Epic Fall Yesterday In Zimbabwe


The President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe was caught on video yesterday when he fell down the stairs of a podium after speaking to an audience of supporters who gathered at the airport to welcome him back from Ethiopia where he had been elected chairman of the 54-nation African Union at a summit of African leaders on Jan 30 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian.

Mugabe who is at the ripe age of 90 had just finished making his speech and greeting some other dignitaries, but as he attempted to walk down the stairs, he tumbled down the stairs and was saved by the able hands of his ever-present aides who helped him up into his car and sped away.


Speculations are ripe as to whether Mugabe actually just missed a step or if there is more we are not being told. Some of the photographers and camera men who caught the incident were forced by the Presidents’s aids to delete the pictures and the videos.

According to sources, Mugabe takes an annual holiday every January to Asia and Singapore where he visited a specialist to check up his eyes. Despite all of the speculations concerning his health condition, the 90-year-old insists that he is in perfect health and that there’s nothing to speculate about, but with the recent stumble episode …. well anyone can stumble right? Take a look at the video:

His fall has been seen as a sign of weakness which constitutes a stain on the countenance of someone who holds power with such a strong grasp.

Robert Mugabe has been in power since 1987 and is obviously not planning on leaving the seat of power until he draws his last breath. In many occasions, Mugabe has been accused of using widespread violence to win several disputed elections.

Under his regime, the once prosperous Zimbabwe of over 13 million people has struggled a lot. The country suffered hyperinflation until it abandoned its currency for the US dollar in 2009.

The EU imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 over abuses linked to national elections, banning travel in Europe and freezing the assets of dozens of officials and business representatives.

The measures have been gradually lifted in recent years to encourage reform but Mr Mugabe and his wife Grace remain on the EU blacklist. With his recent placement, the travel ban has been eased to enable him travel more.