Robert Mugabe To Zimbabweans: Don’t Cry For Jobs, Create Them


Amid serious economic fall outs leading to a massive unemployment rate, 93-year-old Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe calls on unemployed youths in the country to refrain from depending on his government to provide jobs, instead they must make efforts to create their desired jobs.

Speaking during a small to medium enterprises expo in the capital Harare last week, Mugabe said jobless Zimbabweans must stop moaning about the high levels of joblessness in the country, as they could easily create jobs for themselves using all the country’s resources.

“We want people to create jobs for themselves and not to wait to be given work. Create jobs and employ others, we do not want people who just cry for jobs. Let’s have less tears and more sweat,” Robert Mugabe was quoted as saying.

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His comments about the massive job search by citizens came a week after he mocked citizens who migrate to other countries like the US and South Africa in search of jobs. He called them “stupid” Zimbabweans who continued to leave the country for “greener pastures” in the  United States, only to come back home ’empty handed and poorer’.

He said Zimbabweans were better off in the southern African country than in the diaspora, as they often came back with “nothing to show for their stay abroad”.

Report from South Africa’s former home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba, has it that over 5000 Zimbabweans cross over to South Africa on daily basis, thereby causing a nuisance in the country.

To this, the SA Home Affairs department issued a deportation warning last month on Zimbabweans resident in that country who failed to acquire permits under the 2010 Dispensation for Zimbabwe Project (DZP).

The country’s Home Affairs director-general Mr Mkuseli Apleni also said the imminent move to deport Zimbabweans was in line with the new immigration regulations.

“We want to make it categorically clear that all Zimbabweans who failed to acquire permits in 2010 during the DZP will with effect from October be deported from our country,” said Apleni.

“We have a list of about 242 000 Zimbabweans who benefited in 2010 under that programme and they are eligible to apply for work and study permits under the new Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) programme.”

Zimbabwe’s economic woes is no news across the world as Mugabe’s government and poor economic policies are blamed for the economic collapse.

Though Robert Mugabe’s government enunciated policies that would help curtail and possibly revive the ailing economy, these policies are yet to be put in place neither have they yielded many fruits

These policies include: Statutory Instrument 64 gazetted by the government to regulate or ban the importation of selected goods, Labour Amendment Act of 2015 to align the Act with the Constitution of Zimbabwe and as a counter measure to the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Zuva Petroleum which allowed employers to terminate contracts of employment on three months’ notice and the announcement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to introduce bond notes among other of measures implemented and proposed by the government.

It is quite surprising how the general populace is surviving and how long they hoped for a change for the better for the sake of their future generations.

Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party was re-elected in 2013 with the hope that the party will fulfill its promise of creating 2.2 million jobs within five years. But to date, that promise has not been fulfilled, with the unemployment rate estimated to be at 85%.

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Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe said Zimbabweans should look inward rather than outside in terms of gaining economic benefits.

However, he noted that if any must leave, they should consider other countries in Southern Africa as they often came back with nothing to show for their stay abroad.

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