Robert Mugabe Asserts That “Adolf Hitler Is Donald Trump’s Grandfather”


Barely a week after Trump made the declaration to arrest the Zimbabwean and Ugandan presidents respectively, Robert Mugabe has blasted Trump in a speech he made at a fundraising in Harare where he was the chief guest .

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe declared in a statement that “Adolf Hitler Is Donald Trump’s Grandfather”.­

This was Mugabe’s response after American top-shot business Lord and Republican Presidential aspirant Donald Trump said he will arrest and imprison Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and his Zimbabwean ‘brother’ Robert Mugabe.

In his speech at the fundraising, Robert Mugabe pointed out that Hitler and Trump have everything in common from blood to character and that they must definitely grandfather and grandson.

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The agitated Zimbabwean President repeatedly hammered on the fact that Donald Trump took after his grandfather Adolph Hitler because of the reckless way he expresses his mind and careless words he utters without any restraint.

“I will lock Mugabe and Museveni in prison if I become President” – Donald Trump vows.

The US business icon Donald Trump’s statement was conceived as a notice to Mugabe and Ugandan President, of what their fate will be if he becomes the President of the united states of America.

While addressing war veterans in a speech in Washington, Trump warned the other dictators across the globe who want to die in power, that it’s just a matter of time before they face justice for their crimes.

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda.

“Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it.

“Mugabe and Museveni have given the world enough troubles and its about time someone puts to an end all these madness for peace to prevail” Trump asserted without any restrictions.

“If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If Clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneel before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice” Added Trump arrogantly.

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Mugabe went on in his reaction;

“Recently that madman that wants to be American President said he’ll arrest some African Presidents including my brother Yoweri and myself and lock us in his imaginary prison should he become American President”

“May I state here that Trump will never take us anywhere because we Africans are the strongest and fearless in the universe. I wish everyone to Know that I have nothing to fear and I want to tell the world that Hitler’s descendant (Trump) has taken after him and he is about to do his worst should the people of America make a mistake of electing him” President Mugabe said.

“Just like his grandfather Hitler caused World War II, and he wants to create World War III to leave behind a legacy but the world will not allow that. How do you even start imagining that you are going to arrest a man like myself? Is that Trump’s head okay? And, are there enough doctors in America to check this man’s psychiatric condition?” Robert Mugabe added furiously.

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