I Died And Resurrected As Always – Says Robert Mugabe


Contrary to public speculations, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe arrived hale and hearty at the capital’s main airport from a trip abroad on Saturday. The veteran leader has been bedeviled by intense rumours that he was gravely ill and had sought medical help abroad.

However, good old Mugabe looked his usual jovial self as he landed in the company of security aides.

“I had gone on a family matter to Dubai concerning one of my children,” said the 92-year-old in the local Shona language. However, he refused to give out the juicy details about his trip, but not without throwing shade at his haters.

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“Yes, I was dead, it’s true I was dead. I resurrected as I always do. Once I get back to my country I am real,” Mugabe added sarcastically.

Apparently, Mugabe, who is undoubtedly Africa’s oldest president, was referring to rumours of his death, as some news blogs have been spreading the news that he had succumbed to illness.

Over the years, reports that Mugabe’s health is dwindling have become too common that nobody takes them seriously anymore. If not for anything, but for the fact that the veteran leader seems to always disappoint those who wish him dead.

Meanwhile, as news about Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe not being in good health keeps spreading, a Walter Magaya prophet made a prophetic declaration that the president’s end is near. The prophet, attached to the Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries, made the announcement in a televised statement.

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According to the prophet, Mugabe’s health is deteriorating and that is God’s punishment for him. He explained that President Robert Mugabe is facing punishment for causing Magaya’s arrest for rape. “Touch not my anointed,” he quoted. Prophet Magaya is one of the renowned clergymen in Zimbabwe.

Aside refuting his death, Mugabe has also rejected accusations by his political opponents that he has killed the Zimbabwean economy. Since taking over power at independence from Britain in 1980, the country has continued to hit new record lows. Presently, the country is struggling to pay salaries to soldiers, police and other public workers.

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