Robert Marawa: Sports Presenter War With SABC Over ‘Unfair’ Treatment


Popular Metro FM sports presenter Robert Marawa is ready for the consequences of not reporting for work at the station in solidarity with his producer who he believes was suspended unfairly.

Beverly Maphangwa was suspended by the SABC for allegedly playing SuperSport content on the Metro FM sports show. According to reports, she played the content despite instructions from management advising her not to do so.

Consequently, she was suspended and Marawa refused to work with a producer who was appointed by management to run the show while Maphangwa was on suspension.

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The sports presenter said he’s sticking to his guns and will not go on air until the “grossly unfair” suspension of his radio show producer Beverly Maphangwa is “sorted out” by the SABC.

Regardless of the risk of facing the axe from the SABC after he abstained from work, Marawa is adamant on standing by his producer at a time like this.

According to Marawa, it will not be fair to let one person take the fall for a decision they made as a team.

“We work as a team and I have made a decision that I won’t just let my producer take the blame for a team decision. It would not be right for me to continue as if there is no unfair process currently taking place,” he said.

Marawa added that all members of his team are valuable and they combine their efforts together to produce a masterpiece. This, according to him is why the show wins awards.

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Robert Marawa also took to social media to painstakingly narrate what happened. He also informed his fans that he would be off the airwave pending when the issue is resolved.

Hopefully, a meeting between himself and management which is supposedly due to take place later this week will help resolve the issue.