Wealthy Benefactor Prepares ANC For Elections By Donating iPads And Ford Rangers


If you think the African National Congress (ANC) in Mpumalanga has not been living up to expectations, then you might need to have a rethink because even the province itself had severally patted itself on the back for good works well done.

Also, the province says if  it has not been serving the people well, then it would not have attracted flashy gifts from Robert Gumede to itself.

The ANC, who took to Facebook on Monday to brandish the gifts, captioned the post: “Nje kuyavela ngalapho ukuthi (it shows over there that) business people in #Mpumalanga appreciate the tremendous good work done by the ANC in the province…”

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Robert Gumede, a well-known businessman, made substantial donations in the form of vehicles and iPads to the ANC in Mpumalanga in Nelspruit on Monday ahead of the forthcoming municipal elections.

The well-known ANC benefactor donated over 10 Ford Rangers, four buses and 20 iPads to the provincial leadership at its office. In addition, the donation was for the party ahead of the elections and beyond, ANC Mpumalanga secretary Mandla Ndlovu said on Tuesday.

“Now we are focusing on elections so it means that we going to utilize now all the equipment for the elections. But there are no conditions except that must use it effectively and we must take care of them. The donation of the buses meant the ANC could transport its volunteers around the province,” he said.

Robert Gumede donates to ANC

Ndlovu expressed optimism that Gumede’s donation will certainly bring good luck and victory to the party. And that he was sure the party could win 90% of the province in August 3 election.

“It’s going very well. We now have a countdown programme. Everyday we are busy up until elections,” he opined.

Provincial spokesperson Sibusiso Themba asserted that each region in the province received a Ford Ranger and the iPads would pave way for easier communication and access to the internet.

Themba revealed that Gumede made the donation because”He’s an ANC guy and he’s from here (Mpumalanga). He’s giving back to the community.”

Robert Gumede’s Profile

Rober Gumede is a Non-Executive Chairman for Gijima Group Limited. He is also the Founder of Gijima Group, an IT-based company in South Africa.

In April, super wealthy Gumede sealed his image as South Africa’s most romantic and flashy husband by organizing a superb birthday celebration for his 40-year-old wife, Portia.

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He combined Portia’s birthday bash with a six-year anniversary celebration, saying “The reason I wanted to surprise Portia is that she never had a birthday party as a child because her parents couldn’t afford it.”

Gumede and Portia, who is now in charge of the Gumede Family Keni Foundation, got married in 2010 at the Nelspruit Golf Course in Mpumalanga. Portia is a former Miss Durban.