Afro-Pop Legend Robbie Malinga Celebrated In The Most Amazing Way


A lot of fans had the time of their lives when Afro-pop legend Robbie Malinga and other musicians mounted the stage at Tsogo Sun Silver Star Casino on Friday night.

Singing sensations like Musa; Karabo; Ntando; Sfiso; Naima Kay and Zahara performed their smash hits at the concert used to celebrate Malinga for his contribution to South African music. Notably, the hits were some of the ones produced by the legendary Malinga over the years.

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The musician has contributed his fair share towards developing the careers of many singers in the South African entertainment industry.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see some high-profile artists sharing the stage with him. In fact, a lot of them including Zahara confessed to how much Robbie Malinga helped their careers to grow.

A good number of fans attended the event which was in partnership with Albany Bread, Ace and Golden Cloud. Time became insignificant as they kept singing along to their favourite tunes for the most part of the night.

It was a memorable night for fans who got to watch songs like Mthande, Sokwenzenjani and many others being performed. Besides it’s rather rare to live to see people celebrate your career.

“We are a proudly South African brand and believe in celebrating all that is authentically South African,” said Percy Masemene; brand manager for Albany.

“It was truly great to see South Africans celebrate Malinga and his astonishing contribution to music over the years.”

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In addition, Zahara said;

“It’s an honour to celebrate my mentor and brother; Robbie, who has been a vital part of mine and other major musicians’ careers. Just my name alone; Zahara, comes from Robbie. I am for ever thankful.”

Chef Nti further treated fans to a delicious eight-course menu, served to all.