Road Traffic Infringement Agency Boss Scores 93% Salary Hike 


Despite the fact that the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) has lost almost half of its annual revenue, it has emerged that the agency’s Registrar bagged a 93% salary increase.

This is according to RTIA’s annual report. The report indicated that the Registrar of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency, Japh Chuwe pocketed a 93% salary hike. His earnings climbed from R1.8 million to R3.49 million in 2016/17.

Although Chuwe’s bonus reduced from R1.57 million to R524, 329 he took home a total income slightly higher R4 million. Essentially, he received R640 131 more in 2016/17 than in the previous year.

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Meanwhile, the Registrar isn’t smiling alone, RTIA’s board and board committees members also received increases. Their total remuneration grew from R1.66 million to R3 million over the same period.

One would imagine that getting salary increase wouldn’t happen in any establishment that suffered a huge drop in its revenue. For, RTIA, it doesn’t matter. The salary hikes came after the agency’s revenue nosedived by almost 42%, an equivalent of R100 million.

Acknowledging the huge drop in revenue, Chuwe blamed it on the reduction in the number of fines issued. According to him,  RTIA issued 63.44% fewer traffic fines.

He buttressed that the actual number of Aarto notices (fines) issued dropped from 5.5 million to 2 million. And, pointed out that RTIA doesn’t have control over the number of fines issued by issuing authorities.

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Not long past, RTIA confirmed that it has been sending communication to motorists reminding them of their outstanding AARTO traffic fines via SMS notifications.

“This is in line with the Agency’s mission of having ‘an informed, compliant and safe road user community’. (We wish) to advise motorists in Gauteng that ‘we have appointed a service provider, Syntell to send SMS notification reminders to motorists with outstanding AARTO traffic fines,” related the Registrar.