‘Road To Academic Excellence Not Easy; I want To Lead By Example’ – Malema


The EFF leader Julius Malema, who yesterday, celebrated his graduation with a degree in one of the country’s universities (University Of South Africa), has spoken out on his aim of acquiring a top educational standard. The young party leader said he fought hard to graduate because he wanted to achieve academic excellence and lead by example.

“We all know that revolutionaries have a responsibility to lead by example through accumulating knowledge,…I graduated with the sole intention of wanting to inspire many other people,” he said after the graduation ceremony.

Among a great number of supporters who came to celebrate his academic excellence, Malema was seen walking up to the Unisa stage on Wednesday to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Malema who addressed group of reporters outside the ZK Mathews Hall, stressed the need for all to study hard in order to achieve academic excellence and greatness in life. Education is the key to success he said; leaders had to read in order to enrich themselves.

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Speaking on the need for education, Unisa’s Chancellor  judge Bernard Ngoepe stated that leaders ought to further their studies because South Africa needed more educated leaders to move the nation forwards.

“We sincerely hope that will also be the case with regards to leaders of other political parties…the world needs knowledgeable leaders given the complexities of the global world. We need to have leaders who are knowledgeable to lead the millions of people,” he said.

Referring to the deteriorating state of South Africa as a nation, the judge pointed out that the country’s condition can only be saved by educated and well equipped leaders.

“We can’t realize that if we don’t have intellectuals. We all thought that South Africa would be this paradise but corruption, nepotism and poverty are still bedeviling this country…we need intellectuals who will hold leaders to account for the things they promised the nation many years ago,” he added.

Malema who narrated how uneasy it was for him to graduate as a degree holder it was uneasy to study and at the same time carry on with political issues as a leader.

There was a point where I had to write exams and then after go to court when the ANC prosecuted me. The table we were studying on, Sars had to come and take and we had to look for alternative tables,”

“The whole thing was just an attempt to destroy an individual. I refused to succumb to the agenda of my enemies. I refused to allow my enemies to determine my destination. I’m in charge of my education.

However, he has announced not relenting on continuous studies; Malema said he would not be stopping at acquiring a degree, but also to go further for honors in philosophy.

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