What Rhodes University Did To These Rapists Made Many People Happy


11 rapists who had either worked, schooled or are currently schooling in Rhodes university were shamed following the publication of their names by the university.

The school was forced to publish the names of the 11 rapists on Sunday night after the launch of an anti-rape campaign last week, in which students accused university management of performing below expectations when handling cases of rape on campus.

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After the supposed ‘Reference List’ was released, report said Vice Chancellor Sizwe Mabizela pleaded for students to protect the privacy of one of the individuals named who lives in one of the residences. But Mabizela was accused by student activists of wanting to safeguard a man accused of sexual assault, but paying deaf ear to rape culture at the university.

Meanwhile, after the publication of the names, a group of Rhodes University students threatened to shut down the institution if the rapists are not held accountable. The angry students also went on rampage, chasing down some men named on the list but  police were called in to control the ‘maddening’ students.

Commenting on the issue, Student Representative Council (SRC) member Naledi  Mashishi criticized the way rape cases were handled in the school and said the SRC fully supports all calls to end sexual violence.

Rhodes University Receives List Of Demand From Activists

Meanwhile, the student activists have given the school management a list of demands. Their demands include, changes to the current policy around sexual assault charges, a change of the definition of rape to include those who are forced to penetrate another as well as to change the policy which currently requires victims to prove that their perpetrators intended to rape them.

An editor of Rhodes newspaper Activate, Mitchell Parker, asserted that the activists said that if their demands were not met, they would call for a full academic shutdown on campus. Also, the activists called for the university proctors Gordon Barker and Sarah Driver to step down.

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On the other hand, Mashishi added that “There has been a list of demands given to management about  changes that they need to make so that they deal with sexual assault, and management was given a deadline of  four in the afternoon.

Many rape victims have also opened up, many of them poured out their mind on social media. @michy_ngxeke tweeted, “Rhodes prosecutors are shit, in 2014 I was harassed and attacked, there was a disciplinary hearing but thats where it ended [sic].”

“I have a friend that was raped and she still sees the perpetrator on campus almost every day,” another student asserted.