Reverend Sipho Khuzwayo Says Zuma’s End Will Not Be Bitter If He Exposes All His Deep Dark Secrets


Reverend Sipho Khuzwayo of the Seven Buses a Day Kingdom of Heaven Crusade got South Africa buzzing last year when it circulated that God told him in a vision to tell the president to pay back the money for upgrade to his home.

Now that Zuma has decided to pay, it’s time for Khuzwayo to reveal the remaining package of his vision. This time, our father in heaven, according to Khuzwayo, wants the president to “stand before a court and confess his dark secrets” so that he can avert the “bitter end” coming his way.

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Disclosing that the Zuma vision happened last July, City Press related that Khuzwayo told them that “It is a very good thing that the president has agreed to pay back the money in line with” his prophesy.

“The second part of the vision, which I did not go into at the time, is more difficult to explain. God believes that the president needs to go to court and expose the deep dark secrets he has from the time before he became president,” Khuzwayo unveiled.

“The president is the one who can sort out this problem. He needs to go before a court of law and say ‘I did this, this and this before I got into the presidency, before I became president’. He has to do this in court as there are some things you cannot just explain to people,” he added.

Reverend Khuzwayo buttressed thus –

“when I speak about the president having a bitter end, I mean that his term will end very badly and things will be very difficult when he leaves office.

“He needs to come clean to avoid this happening. If not, the same people who put him in will take him out. That is what I have seen…God is tired of all this now. The president needs to speak out.”

As gathered, Khuzwayo had a first Zuma vision in the 1990s when the president was Economic Affairs MEC in KwaZulu-Natal. Khuzwayo then stated that if Zuma did not “come clean”, he would be ousted from office by “the same people who put him there.”

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