The ANC Was Warned Before Polls That It Would Lose Key Metros – ANC Veteran


African National Congress (ANC) veteran Reverend Frank Chikane said he envisaged, predicted and warned the ANC that it would be humiliated in the municipal elections if it fails to put its house in order.

Concerned about piles of corruption allegations lurking at the ruling party’s corridor, Chikane presented a document captioned “The Soul of the ANC is Under Attack” to the ANC leaders.

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The document, he said, contained stern warnings of possible free-fall in pivotal metros, a downward turn and huge “loss of confidence” that, if not addressed would lead to lost of major cities in one to five years; then some provinces and‚ in the next nine to 14 years‚ would amount to humiliating defeat in the national election.

Reverend Frank Chikane Bewails Corruption In ANC

The veteran opined that it is glaring that the soul of the ANC is being attacked from insiders – which is the greatest of all threats. According to Chikane, most ANC members and leaders are corrupt and that has transformed them into self-serving agents.

This attack, he added, is like a cancer that slowly makes its way into the very soul of the organisation threatening its critical organs, and thus its very being, life and existence.

Chikane told a press conference on Thursday: “I never believed you could corrupt an ANC member because we fought the system‚ there was lots of money to buy us away. There were lots of people who had bags of money to buy you away and get you out of the struggle.

So what has happened is that even the cadres of the movement you thought wouldn’t become corruptible‚ once in power become corruptible.”

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So the ruling party’s demeaning lost of key metros to opposition party (DA); especially the Nelson Mandela Bay, never surprised most ANC veterans; who perceived sorrow ringing in the party’s camp.