South Africans Must Protect The Country Against Visionless Leaders – Reuel Khoza


Former Nedbank chairperson Reuel Khoza has sounded a note of warning to South Africans to protect their freedom from leaders who are determined to overpower the nation’s rule of law.

In the view of various political crises that continues to stare the country in the face, analysts believe South Africa is at the verge of being totally torn apart if leaders and citizens fail to address these issues and retrace steps back to things that unite the country.

But Reuel Khoza who traced the increasing political and economic unrest to selfish and visionless leaders, said South Africa needs a visionary leader.

“Today we need a leadership that is visionary, and as passionate as it is compassionate. Anyone who has eyes to see and cares to observe cannot but notice leadership without moral principle lurching from scandal to scandal,” Khoza said.

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Speaking further, Reuel Khoza said SA has seen the emergence of a strange breed of leaders who are determined to subjugate the rule of law and override our noble Constitution.

Khoza who is a business professor and author of Attuned Leadership and Let Africa Lead said this during a Free Market Foundation where he was honored with a Luminary Award.

In 2012‚ Reuel Khoza was harshly criticized when he warned that “our political leadership’s moral quotient is degenerating and we are fast losing the checks and balances that are necessary to prevent a recurrence of the past…” But while speaking at the Market Foundation, he said the biggest threat to democracy was joblessness and poverty.

Khoza’s words echoes the words of the leader of the Democratic Alliance, Maimane, who warned that the democracy South Africa is enjoying today will “come apart” if the government fails to nurture it by creating jobs to raise the failing economy.

Over 8.9 million South Africans are reportedly unemployed and this number grows every month. That’s more than all the people of Johannesburg and all the people of Cape Town combined.

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To this, Maimane said if we don’t kick-start our failing economy right now so that we can start creating work opportunities for these millions of young South Africans‚ our democracy will come apart.

He said SA would not be able to withstand the anger‚ the frustration and the resentment of millions of citizens abandoned by their government.