Residents Panic As Ebola Virus Kills 5th Person In Guinea


Speaking to Reuters on Tuesday, a health official revealed that the fifth death from Ebola virus has been recorded in southeast Guinea since March 17.

This has raised fresh concerns of a spread of this recent flare-up of the deadly virus.

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Spokesman for National Coordination of the Fight against Ebola in Guinea Fode Sylla Tass said that the latest case of death from Ebola virus was detected in Macenta prefecture, about 200 kilometres from the village of Korokpara where there were four other recent Ebola-related deaths.

The unidentified man who died from Ebola was said to have visited Korokpara recently and thereby coming in direct contact with the first patients,Tass said.

It was related that following his death, the man was buried in the village of Makoidou without putting any sanitary precautions into consideration.

Traditional burial rites which involved washing of the deceased have been a major medium through which Ebola virus is transmitted. This has cost West Africa the lives of at least 11,300 people since 2013 in the worst outbreak ever recorded.

Guinea which had been one of the hardest hit countries, was declared Ebola free in December last year amid warnings of possible future flare-ups from the World Health Organisation.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that Korokpara residents had previously resisted efforts to fight the illness in the initial epidemic.

While it’s not immediately clear how the people from there had contracted the deadly disease, the Ebola coordination unit in Guinea has traced an estimated 816 people who may have come into contact with the first four recent victims of Ebola virus.

Residents of Makoidou took news of the latest Ebola case with panic as most of them fled their homes in fear. “When the villagers realised that the test conducted by our health teams on the man were positive, they all fled into the bush,” Tass said.

Meanwhile, Liberia has closed its border with Guinea on Tuesday as a precaution against the latest outbreak.

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