Researchers Say “Smoking Dagga Won’t Make Your Teen Stupid”


Researchers have revealed how long-term use of marijuana has little or nothing to do with the IQ of your young ones. The researchers made this clear after comparing the IQ changes found in twin siblings who either used or abstained from smoking weed for ten years.

According to Sciencemag, the researchers were unable to find evidence that smoking dagga makes their IQ go to pot. This findings happen to be surprising especially as so many other researchers who had carried out similar researches linked being a dope and smoking it.

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Valerie Curran, a psycho pharmacologist alongside her colleague said the ones who didn’t take dagga showed a similar decline in their IQs to the ones who did. This therefore suggests that the decline in IQ might be tied to something environmental, rather than the drug itself.

According to the lead author of the new work, Nicholas Jackson, of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, most studies that linked marijuana to cognitive deficits, such as memory loss and low IQ, looked at a single “snapshot” in time and that therefore makes it impossible to tell which came first: drug use or poor cognitive performance. “It’s a classic chicken-egg scenario,”

Though critics had however pointed out that the study failed to rule out other potential explanations for the decline in IQ, such as a teen’s family environment or whether they dropped out of school, George Patton, a co-author of the paper said that the paper “had a major effect on thinking about the risks of early heavy exposure to cannabis,”

In the new study, teens who reported daily marijuana use for 6 months or longer did not show any difference in how much their IQ changed, compared with teens who had tried pot fewer than 30 times. This is a “clear indication that cannabis is unlikely to be the cause of any IQ decline,” says Claire Mokryz, a Ph.D. student in Curran’s lab.

The researchers had however warned that the study has important limitations. Patton,adds that this result in no way proved that marijuana—particularly heavy, or chronic use —is safe for teenagers.

Meanwhile, Dagga happens to be South Africa’s most generally used drug. It is cheap and freely available. One can buy a small quantity called an arm or finger, a cob, usually about 6 – 10 fingers’ worth or a brick, which is a compressed block. It is reasonably inexpensive and the price depends on the quality.

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Dagga is grown in many backyards as well as in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South-Eastern Cape, Swaziland and the Drakensberg region. It grows prolifically in sometimes very poor and mountainous soil and yields very lucrative cash crops to sometimes very poor communities.

Other names of Dagga include: Grass, boom, joint, zol, dope, skyf, weed, hash, majat(a low-grade dagga), poison, peperskyf, ganja, Swazi Gold, Malawi Gold, mabange, insangu, imya, lebake, splif, Transkei Colly, Durban poison