SA Records High Sale In Sex Toys; See Who Buys Them More

It’s really interesting to know that of all the economic woes and drought related issues south Africans are faced with, a high number of the people choose to spend most of their earnings in purchase of sex toys.

A research institute called the Statistic Brain Research Institute has revealed an unbelieving increase in the curiosity of South Africans about sex toys saying the country  came third globally for the highest number of Google searches for sex toys, trailing the US and the UK.

Addressing why this is so, Sexologists and sex shop owners say female empowerment in the bedroom and the availability of high-quality sex toys could be some of the attributing factors

According to Adult World chief executive Arthur Kalamaris, the open-mindedness of the female population has led to the increased purchase of the toy.

“The whole marketplace is changing, with 55 percent of our sex toy sales to women. It used to be male-dominated, like the man would go into the store and pick out a sex toy, but that’s completely shifted,” he said.

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Dealers in sex toys in the country revealed further that women were becoming more open and comfortable with introducing toys into their sex lives, taking charge of their own pleasure.

“Sex should be fun. Lots of people don’t know that. Some women still see it as an obligation and that’s not how it should be,” said Sari Cohen, owner of Cape Town’s Allure Sensuality Emporium.

Customers  of all ages and races were said to be patronizing the product and shop owner Cohen said she offers a senior discount and frequently attends events and parties to educate curious potential buyers.

Cohen also revealed that her stockroom is filled with high-quality products that range in price from R350 to more than R3 000.

“I love sex toys so much because they help women learn about themselves and their bodies,”

“If they are used with consent and women are opening their minds to the possibility of pleasure, that’s really empowering and important. It means that they are ready to love themselves and embrace themselves,” she said

Speaking about the research result, Brodie Meyer, the managing director of Desir Intimate Collection, another Cape Town sex shop said he is happy with the increasing sale adding that south Africa is now traditionally accepting and associating with sex shops.

“I was happy to see the study because it reiterates the need for sex toys,” managing director Brodie Meyer said.

“What we’re seeing is normalization and the creation of dialogue, along with more awareness of the adult toy industry.”

Meyer also pointed out that with the emergence of e-marketing, shopping for sex toys can be private and one can do it with a partner at home,” she said.

However, report from the shop owner also has it that most of the women who buy the toy do hide it from their partner.

“It makes me sad to see them do that, but at the same time I’d rather they take control of their own pleasure rather than not at all if they’re not satisfied,” Cohen said

On this, a local |sexologist Dr Marlene Wasserman said sex toys is very helpful to the sexual health of a relationship because it builds an active communications in partners. “Avoiding sexuality is unhealthy and sex toys are a great way to explore that and have conversations about it,” he added.

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