Removal Of Foreign Nationals From Johannesburg, EFF Reacts


It wouldn’t be out of place to say many native South Africans desires the removal of foreign nationals from Mzansi.

That, had been the heart of the xenophobic attacks the country experienced.

Recently, South Africa was reminded of its xenophobic tendencies when the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayor for Johannesburg issued an order for all illegal foreigners living in the city to vacate the city.

The DA mayor, Herman Mashaba had remarked that illegal immigrants got to the city criminally, and should be treated as criminals.

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“When I call these criminals criminals, I want them to understand that they are criminals,” he said. “They are holding our country to ransom and I am going to be the last South African to allow it.

…I have already started engaging embassies in our country for them to know their residents in our city are here criminally,” added the mayor.

Then, the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) indicated that it’s uncool for a Mayor to make such utterances. Citing South Africa’s xenophobic history, ADF argued that Mayor Mashaba comments were dangerous and capable of inciting violence.

Now, a message claiming to be from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) circulated social media platforms threatening the removal of foreign nationals from South Africa, particularly, in Pretoria and Johannesburg .

According to the threatening message which went viral, some South Africans are set to protest against the influx of foreign nationals taking their jobs come 24th February.

Reacting to the possible xenophobic tension building up in its’ name, the EFF expressed that the the city of Johannesburg and the whole of South Africa belongs to all Africans.

“The EFF rejects the statement that calls for the removal of foreign nationals from the city of Johannesburg released under the name of the EFF.

The statement calls for the ostracism of foreign nationals is not only fake but is contradicts everything EFF stands for.

We call on members of the EFF and the entire society to be careful of fake accounts and fake news.

Both Twitter and Facebook accounts of the EFF have been authenticated. EFF statements are therefore released to the public through these outlets together with the official EFF website,” stated the Fighters.

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Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that foreign national organizations have already issued warning to their member urging them to be vigilant against any possible threat.

“Flyers circulating online indicate that South Africans are fed up with their government granting asylum seekers status… They singled out Zimbabweans, Nigerians and Pakistanis as major problems saying there was no war in these countries,” read an excerpt from one of the warning the foreign national organisations issued.

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