Release The ‘Jobs For Cash’ Report DA Tells The Basic Education Minister


The 2015 corruption report which declared schools to be the most corrupt in the past year has raised lots of questions by the Democratic Alliance (DA) who want Corruption Watch to tell Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga to release the long-awaited ‘Jobs for Cash’ report.

The watchdog had on Wednesday said that out of the 2382 reports of instances of corruption it received last year‚ 16% came from complains about corruption in schools‚ followed by traffic and licensing departments with 12%, immigration at 6% and housing and healthcare at 5% and 3% respectively.

To this, the DA’s Basic Education spokesperson‚ Gavin Davis‚ highlighted and pointed out the various areas which these corrupt practices took place.

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He said in most cases investigated‚ school principals were found to be the main culprit’ as principals have taken over the governance function from the school governing body‚ including the allocation of funds and resources.

Also, that even when a principal is found guilty of corruption and maladministration‚ the sanction may not result in dismissal and may not fit the offence.

Davis therefore said that by releasing the “Job for Cash report”, it would be a concrete proof which will reveal that South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) principals are bribing Sadtu-aligned officials in exchange for teaching posts‚

“It becomes clearer with each passing day that much of our school system has been infiltrated and captured by Sadtu. This is why Sadtu-aligned principals and officials are able to get away with large-scale corruption in our school system.” he said.

The Basic Education Minster Angie Motshekga had late last year released the finding of a preliminary report which though did not accuse Sadtu of any corrupt practices, received heavy criticism by them.


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The ministerial task team was established after numerous report showing that certain “posts for teachers and principals had been given to individuals who had paid cash to secure the jobs”.

Apart from the allegations of irregular appointments and the role played by members of unions or department officials‚ the task team was also instructed to investigate the problems regarding the advertising and filling of posts.

Addressing the members of the DA who were already angered by the much delay of the investigation, Motshekga promised to release the ” Jobs for Cash’ report” before the end of 2015. But its unfortunate that the report is yet to be released.