EFF Approaches Court to Compel the Release of State Capture Report


South Africans were pissed yesterday when they learnt Zuma pulled strings to ensure the outgoing Public Protector fail to release the state capture report before she vacates the office.

President Zuma who have been delaying the state capture probe, ultimately stopped the release of the State Capture report by Thuli Madonsela.

He served the Public Protector an urgent court interdict application over her draft report on the state capture investigation which she intended to release today.

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Reacting, the Fighters indicated that they’ll drag Zuma and Minister Van Rooyen to court over their application for interdict and make an application for the Public Protector’s release of the State Capture report.

EFF said it will oppose the interdict application because it’s important South Africans know the extent of the Gupta control of South African government through their capture of Mr Zuma.

“In the application opposing Mr. Zuma and Van Rooyen, the EFF will also request the Court to compel the Public Protector to release the preliminary report on the complaint that the Gupta family has captured the State for its own corrupt benefits

“The EFF is of the view that none of the applications for a Court interdict hold water because the applicant will not suffer irreparable damage as there still exists an option for a judicial review of the findings and remedial actions of the Public Protector.

“South Africa cannot wait for another day to know what are the corrective measures on the phenomenon of State capture, which has been manifested in the recent past through the senseless criminal charges against the Minister of Finance and the Commander in Chief of the EFF Julius Malema,” stated the EFF.

Thereafter, the party asserted that all South Africans must abide by the rule of law and should avoid delay tactics that seek to hide truth from the people.

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To them, South Africans deserve to know if the country is run through democratic principles or have been captured by “a corrupt family that is self-seeking and holds not respect for millions of South Africans.”

With the above, the Fighters reiterated that they are the only hope for the people of South Africa in the war against corruption and criminal syndicates who have privatized the State for their own corrupt benefits.

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