“Reject ANC, It Is Morally And Ideologically Compromised” – EFF


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has called on South African via a statement about the presidency’s claim that institutional racism is dead in the country, to reject the ruling party, ANC, as the party is morally, ideologically and intellectually compromised. The statement read

“Society must reject the ANC, it is morally, ideologically and intellectually compromised. There is nothing more dangerous than being ruled by house slaves; their brutality knows no bounds…”

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Condemning the Presidency’s statement that institutionalized racism is no longer a problem in South Africa as “irresponsible, dangerous and a demonstration that the country is leaderless,”  the opposition party added that the statement released “this morning claiming that the only racism in South Africa that remains a problem is individual racism,” signifies the ANC’s “next step of degeneration”.

The Presidency statement, which reportedly stated that South Africa had addressed institutionalized racism since 1994 and that the problem that remained was that of individuals who still harbored racism and prejudice against each other, was regarded by the EFF as a “better expression of ideological degeneration of the ruling party.” According to the party, “no honest, conscious or rational person who lives in South Africa today can ever arrive at such a conclusion” following “any basic definition of institutionalized racism.”

Thus, the party related that;

Institutional racism is the practice of institutions that discriminate against a group of people on the basis of their race. Institutional racism is all the practices of institutions that maintain and sustain the privileging of whites and propel them over blacks in employment, law, sports, education and healthcare to name a few…The battles for employment equity, racial quotas in sporting codes, racial representation in legal fraternities and who gets briefed by who all speak to the existence of institutional racism in our country. The phenomenon of institutional racism is alive and kicking and it has been protected and advanced by the ruling ANC.

The EFF explained that institutional racism is more dangerous than individual racism, and buttressed that the former knows how to “masquerade itself in the details of meritocracy.”

“We know many white people who earn much more than their black counterparts when they are even less qualified. And the reason why individual whites continue to be racist is because of institutional racism which teaches them and makes them comfortable in being racists.” they added.

With that, the Julius Malema party emphasized that the ruling party has woefully failed to build a non racial society as they do not only misdiagnosed colonialism but were co-opted into the white establishment. To the EFFs, 1994 failed to attack and transform the institutionalized racism as doing such meant tampering with the privilege of white people of which land is central.

From the foregoing, the EFF summarized that;

The ANC will never be capable of undoing both individual racism by whites people, as well as institutional racism because they are scared of white people. ANC is a typical native formation exuding a psychological condition of “house slaves” who think that without the master they would be doomed. It is an organization of colonial potentates who suffer from a Bantustan psychology; their job, like that of Bantustan administrators is to control blacks, their anger and their movements so that they do not temper with the master’s property.

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