Refugee Situation In South Africa: See What SA Locals Reduced Hardworking Africans To


The refugee situation in South Africa seems to be getting worse even as Authorities battle to combat the violence. over a thousand Africans from every African country live from hand to mouth depending on charity at a refugee camp which was set up about a week ago next to the Primrose Hill Police station, on Poppy Rd, Germiston to prevent further attacks from the locals who have decided to make the lives of these foreigners a living hell.

The very sad thing about the situation is that these people had home of their own and had been fully capable of taking care of their needs and catering to their children. The camp is filled with a lot of women and children and even expectant mothers who might end up giving birth at a refugee camp rather than in a hospital as they had so meticulous planned.

In analyzing the root cause of the increasing acts of violence, Director of the African Center for Migration and Society (ACMS) Prof. Landau, said the intensity of the recent violence had to be seen within the context of a “longstanding political discourse that demonizes outsiders – both foreigners and domestic migrants.”

He suggested that violent riots were often acts of “retribution for a perceived misdeed.”The unrest started after 14-year-old Siphiwe Mahori was shot in Soweto – allegedly by a Somali shop owner.

It is quite shameful to note that these foreigners were welcomed and allowed to groom their individual businesses until it became a booming success and then the locals became so shameless as to stoop to the extent of feigning a hurt that does not exist an excuse to steal what does not belong to them..

As these hardworking foreigners are reduced to survive on charity, the shameful act of South Africans is indelibly carved into minds all over the world at large and has become a part of South African history. Founder of Health PR and Catwalk the World Peace campaigns in South Africa, Matthew Mensah, was there recently to deliver food. He was quoted saying:

“Next Saturday I’m going again with a group of other volunteers we call ‘United 247’ .. Especially other West Africans living in the unaffected and plush areas in Joburg should come out and support our fellow Africans who have lost all their belongings due to these Xenophobia attacks. The SA winter has started so it’s becoming very cold in the evening so blankets, clothes and any food that can be spared are highly welcomed. Anyone that wants to join can contact me or see updates via IG @matthewmensah”

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