Reform ANC Now Or Watch It Die! – Mashatile Warns Members


ANC’s senior official and ANC Gauteng boss Paul Mashatile has called on the ruling party to concentrate on reforming the party and the party’s policy or watch it die slowly.

Mashatile, who has been a sharp critic of President Zuma and his political and economic policies especially as it currently affects the party as well as the nation’s growth, has called on other party members to seek for ways to bring back the ruling party to its feet before it dies.

The 54-year-old  party official pointed out that the African National Congress is on the verge of losing power in the country but can be redeemed only if his fellow members join hands to rebuild it.

“If the ANC does not change, it will see itself gradually out of power,” Paul Mashatile,

“Many of our leaders and members know we have to change,” he added.

Mashatile is ANC chairman in Gauteng province, which includes the capital, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, the economic hub, said in an interview.

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As municipal elections draw nearer, the ANC has been tortured by series of internal factions which has on the other hand, affected most municipalities under its grip.

The competition over the nominees in the Tshwane municipality that saw the death of most of the party members, stands a major hit on the party.

About 10 ANC members were killed in the southeastern KwaZulu-Natal province, which includes the city of Durban, amid intense disputes over competition for council posts and control of local resources.

The party has also witnessed large number of its members carpet-crossing to other parties most of which blamed the party for losing its long known focus.

In fact, three white party supporters who have voted for the ANC in every election since 1994 say they cannot bring themselves to vote for the party again next month.

“We are already struggling as it is where everybody says, well, this is no longer the same, it’s no longer the ANC of Nelson Mandela,” said Mashatile.

“When there’s a lot of noise it does affect the ANC and its support base. These things do take the energy of our members away from where we want.”

Masbate on ANC Tradition

Mashatile is part of a younger, urban generation of leaders who are no longer comfortable with the party’s old traditional system of operation and are calling  for a modernized system of democracy – like that of the America’s he says.

“We have to ensure there is huge renewal of the ANC come 2017,” he said. “Otherwise we will not survive.”

“My view is that the ANC must bring its electoral processes from the ‘underground,

“The current system is manipulated big time.”

“There’s no fait accompli, the contest is open,” Mashatile said. “We must discuss all candidates openly when the time comes.”

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However, while the ruling ANC is optimistic that the party will like always, win major municipalities in the coming election, a lot believe that the  Zuma Regime has killed the spirit of most die-hard ANC supporters who now have a new belief system – that a vote for the ANC is no longer a vote for what Nelson Mandela stood for.