‘Recalling Zuma Will Meltdown The Economy’ – Nedlac


According to reports, the constituency that represents civil society at the National Economic, Development and Labor Council – Nedlac, said recalling Zuma will expose the country to an economic meltdown.

Well, the cynic would say the economy is already melted but for the civil society, all is not lost. As such, they called on NGOs to rally together and call for Zuma’s impeachment in such a manner that wouldn’t further sink the economy.

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In a statement the constituency issued, it noted that “Moody’s rating agency is coming back to South Africa in June.” It also indicated that “the lack of stability and other matters related to the good business environment will be considered by the rating agency.” And as such warned thus: “let us avoid putting our country into junk status by our own doing – lack of stability.”

Referencing the calls from many organisations for Zuma to step down as the President of the country, the constituency called for “an inclusive process of consultation” arguing that recalling Zuma poses a meltdown risk.

As related, the process will “take on board the broadest possible range of views to determine a common approach on the matter, which will go beyond simply what elements of the leadership hold as a position.”

The constituency said some organizations are merely “force-feeding” and “frog marching” the agenda to oust President Zuma from office. “There are individuals out there with no mandates, but pronouncing as though they carry mandates from their constituencies.

These individuals want to wreak havoc in our peaceful society. These individuals have been fired, retired and some have failed to lead their previous organisations or were involved in corruption,” the constituency stated.

With that, it cautioned church leaders “not to divide their congregations and followers by delving into the political matter that has to do with the political waves in the country.

“They should gather their congregations for them to be given a mandate on the matter and the mandate should carry a position from their congregations and followers,” reads the statement.

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